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Buy Best VoLTE Smart Phones In India: 130 List of VoLTE Compatible Mobile Price Online

We have search lowest price VoLTE compatible Best Smarthones with best price list in India. We have made a volte smartphones which also supports Jio Sim. As you know,VoLTE is fastest growing technology after LTE. Many manufacturing companies has   already launched latest VoLTE mobile phones.


With the entrance of Reliance Jio 4G networks in India, the craze of using VoLTE mobiles has increased. We have listed the best price handsets which are as low as rs. 2,999. Currently the list of android handsets are 116 and we will add more phones every week.

VoLTE Compatible Phones List

Brand NameModel No.Lowest PriceLinks To Buy
LYFFlame 8Rs. 4,199Flipkart
LYFFlame 1Rs. 4,240Flipkart
LYFFlame 2Rs. 4,500Snapdeal
LYFWind 6Rs. 5,413Amazon
LYFWind 5Rs. 5,300Flipkart
LYFWind 3Rs. 6,999Flipkart
LYFWind 1Rs. 7,350Amazon
LYFWind 2Rs. 8,390Flipkart
LYFWater 7Rs. 8,577Flipkart
LYFWater 11Rs. 8,590Flipkart
LYFWater 1Rs. 7,399Flipkart
LYFWater 8Rs. 8,999Flipkart
LYFWater 2Rs. 9,899Flipkart
LYFEarth 1Rs. 14,600Flipkart
LYFFlame LSRs. 14,799Flipkart
LYFEarth 2Rs. 14,999Amazon
IntexAqua 4G StrongRs. 3,899Flipkart
KarbonnAuraRs. 3,899Flipkart
XoloEra 4GRs. 4,444Amazon
KarbonnQuattro L45 IPSRs. 5,102Amazon
IntexAqua RazeRs. 4,500Amazon
LavaA76Rs. 4,549Amazon
InfocusM370IRs. 4,777Snapdeal
InfocusM370Rs. 4,777Snapdeal
LavaA89Rs. 4,949Flipkart
VideoconV45EDRs. 4,990Ebay
LavaA88Rs. 5,199Amazon
IntexAqua CrazeRs. 5,370Amazon
MicromaxYU Yunique
Rs. 5,636Snapdeal
KarbonnAura PowerRs. 5,799Flipkart
IntexAqua SecureRs.4,099Flipkart
LavaA72Rs. 6,040Flipkart
LavaA71Rs. 6,066Amazon
LavaX17Rs. 6,199Flipkart
MicromaxCanvas Amaze
Rs. 6,999Snapdeal
LavaX38Rs. 6,250Amazon
MotorolaMoto E 2nd GenRs. 6,490Flipkart
IntexCloud StringRs. 6,499Flipkart
PanasonicEluga I2Rs. 6,690Amazon
LavaX11Rs. 6,749Snapdeal
IntexAqua Ace MiniRs. 6,749Amazon
CoolpadNote 3 (8676i02)Rs. 6,999Amazon
XiaomiRedmi 2 Prime
Rs. 6,999Amazon
LGSpirit 4G H442Rs. 7,099Amazon
MicromaxCanvas Mega 2
Rs. 7,154Amazon
MicromaxYu Yuphoria
Rs. 6,730Flipkart
IntexAqua 4G PlusRs.8,800Flipkart
LavaX46Rs. 7,349Amazon
GIONEEP5LRs. 7,499Amazon
IntexAqua Shine 4GRs. 8,400Amazon
TCLTCL 560Rs. 7,999Amazon
LavaX 50Rs. 7,999Flipkart
MicromaxCanvas Sliver 5
Rs. 8,390Snapdeal
VideoconKrypton 3
Rs. 8,399Amazon
IntexAqua ViewRs. 8,399Flipkart
PanasonicEluga Icon 2Rs. 8,499Amazon
KarbonnQuattro L55 HDRs. 8,499Flipkart
LGK7Rs. 8,499Amazon
PanasonicEluga I3Rs. 8,799Amazon
VideoconZ55 Krypton
Rs. 8,879Amazon
InfocusM680Rs. 8,999Amazon
IntexAqua Ace 2Rs. 8,999Flipkart
PanasonicEluga A2Rs. 9,100Flipkart
LGG4 Stylus 4GRs. 9,399Flipkart
InfocusM535Rs. 9,599Snapdeal
GIONEEF103Rs. 9,699Snapdeal
XiaomiRedmi Note 3
Rs. 9,999Amazon
PanasonicEluga ArcRs. 9,999Snapdeal
OPPOA37Rs. 11,558Amazon
LGK10Rs. 11,600Flipkart
GIONEEF103 proRs. 11,999Flipkart
InfocusM535+Rs. 11,999Infocus
MotorolaG4Rs. 12,499Amazon
MotorolaG turboRs. 12,499Flipkart
PanasonicEluga NoteRs. 12,900Amazon
LGX Screen (K500I)Rs. 11,496Amazon
MotorolaMoto G 3rd GenRs. 13,290Amazon
MicromaxYu Note
Rs. 13,796Amazon
XiaomiMi MaxRs. 14,999Amazon
MotorolaG4 PlusRs. 14,999Amazon
OPPOF1Rs. 15,200Amazon
VivoV3Rs. 16,550Amazon
GIONEES PlusRs. 16,599Flipkart
LGK520 – Stylus 2Rs. 16,980Amazon
MotorolaMoto X PlayRs. 17,499Flipkart
SamsungGalaxy A5Rs. 18,760Amazon
LenovoVibe ShotRs. 16,730Amazon
GIONEEElife S6Rs. 18,990Amazon
SamsungGalaxy A7Rs. 19,990Amazon
VivoV3 MaxRs. 22,990Amazon
LGStylus 2 PlusRs. 23,800Amazon
XiaomiMi5Rs. 24,999Amazon
CoolpadMaxRs. 24,999Amazon
SamsungGalaxy A8Rs. 25,389Amazon
LGGoogle Nexus 5X
(LG -H791)
Rs. 25,990Flipkart
OPPOF1 PlusRs. 26,499Amazon
GIONEEM5 PlusRs. 26,999Amazon
OneplusOneplus 3Rs. 27,999Amazon
ZopoSpeed 8Rs. 29,999Snapdeal
SONYXperia Z5 Dual
Rs. 32,990Snapdeal
SamsungGalaxy S6Rs. 33,990Amazon
SamsungGalaxy Note 4Rs. 33,999Amazon
SamsungGalaxy S6 EdgeRs. 38,899Amazon
SamsungGalaxy Note 5Rs. 40,998Amazon
SamsungGalaxy Note EdgeRs. 41,506Amazon
SONYXperia X
Rs. 45,999Flipkart
SamsungGalaxy Note 5 DuosRs. 46,990Amazon
SamsungGalaxy S7Rs. 48,900Amazon
SONYXperia Z5 Premium
Rs. 49,799Snapdeal
SamsungGalaxy S6 Edge +Rs. 50,994Amazon
SamsungGalaxy S7 EdgeRs. 50,900Amazon
AppleiPhone 7Rs.55,000Snapdeal

PRIV (Black)

Rs. 33,570Snapdeal
Lenovo Vibe K5 NoteRs. 11,499Flipkart
Google PixelRs. 57,000Flipkart
HTC Desire 10 ProRs. 24,999Amazon
HTC  X10Rs. 41,399Flipkart
Apple iPhone 7Rs. 50,799Amazon
Lenovo K6 NoteRs. 14,990N/A
Lenovo K6 PowerRs. 9,999Flipkart
Lenovo K6Rs. 9,500Flipkart
Motorola Moto MRs. 15,999Flipkart
Nokia EdgeRs. 45,990N/A
Nokia PRs. 48,990N/A
Redmi Note 4Rs. 12,999N/A
Redmi Note 4 ProRs. 17,500N/A
Samsung Galaxy S8Rs. 55,000N/A

How To Buy These Mobile

These mobile as listed from various online eCommerce sources such as amazon, flipkart, snapdeal, shopclues etc. We have collected the best and lowest price online and updated them on this page. If any buy now link does’t work for you then please comment below. We will fix the link for you.

  1. You need to click on the Links to buy navigation to open the link.
  2. You will be redirected to the official merchant website within few seconds.
  3. After that, Just click on the buy now button and add the product to cart.
  4. Finally make a checkout and proceed to the payment gateway page.
  5. Pay the amount using the various payment methods such as net-banking & credit/debit cards.
  6. Your mobile will be delivered to you  within 1 week of ordering date.

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